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Central Air-Conditioning Systems

Updated: Mar 10

Permission Granted By InterNACHI

There are two types of central air-conditioning systems: integral and split.

In the integral system, all mechanized components (compressor, condenser, evaporator, and fans) are contained in a single unit. The unit may be located outside the building with its cold-air ductwork extending into the interior, or it may be located somewhere inside the building with its exhaust air ducted to the outside.

In the common split system, the compressor and condenser are located outside the building and are connected by refrigerant lines to an evaporator inside the building’s air-distribution ductwork. Split systems in buildings heated by forced warm air usually share the warm-air system’s circulating fan and ductwork. In such cases, the evaporator is placed either directly above or below the furnace, depending on the furnace design.

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